Enjoy water, nature and luxury in Friesland!

4 types luxury holiday houses at the waterfront

Bungalow Karekiet 1

Bungalow Karekiet 1, Skelpebank 41. 

The bungalow, max. 5 persons, is located on a small-scale waterpark on the outskirts of Workum, directly at the water, on a large piece of land (750sqm), with direct access to boating-, fishing- and swimming water. The quality of the water is excellent.

The bungalow has his own landing stage (32m) in front of the house. 
Wellness: you can find it in the bungalow: 2 showers, 1 whirlpool and a infra-red Sauna with C.D. music, colour- and aroma therapy.

Because all rooms are located on the ground floor, this house accommodates wheelchairs or disabled guests very well.

Pets are welcome for free.

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 1

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 1, Skelpebank 27.

This semi-bungalow Waterlelie is situated at the waterfront, on a spacious piece of land (750sqm). 

This holiday home is owned by Harm van der Veen. In 2012 the house has been completely refurnished, painted and decorated. Everything is new! 

A beautiful home to spend your holiday.

In front of the house is a very large terrace with a wheelchair accessible path to the 30 metre jetty

Because there are a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, this house is very suitable for disabled guests.

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 2

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 2, Skelpebank 1.

The Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 2 (Waterlilly) is located beautifully at the waterfront on a nice piece of land. (500 sqm). 

At the waterside of the home you will find a lowered terrace with wonderful view on the water. 

There is a private jetty (20m) right in front of your holidayhome. This Semi-Bungalow is very suitable for disabled guests.

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 3

Semi-Bungalow Waterlelie 3, Skelpebank 25.

This lovely holidayhouse we rent on behalf of the owners Eddo and Anne-Marie Hakkesteegt.

This house is suitable for max. 7 persons.

Wheelchair users are welcome because there are a bed- and bathroom on the ground floor.

Wide doors and no thresholds in the house.

Sorry, but pets are not allowed in this house.

Villa Lisdodde 1

Villa Lisdodde 1, Sanbank 18. 

The ample living room on the first floor has a beautiful view of the water, the park and the scenic area along the IJsselmeer.
The large kitchen is adjacent to the living room.

The villa boasts three bedrooms on the ground floor and two luxury bathrooms. The master bedroom is adjacent to the master bathroom. In the masterbedroom you can find also an infra-red Sauna with CD music, colour- and aroma therapy.

Villa Lisdodde 2

Villa Lisdodde 2, Sanbank 5. 

We rent this Villa Lisdodde 2, on behalf of the PLC from the owner, Dirk Olivier.
The Villa Lisdodde 2 has two terraces upstairs, on each side of the livingroom, which you can reach by sliding doors.
At the waterfront, there is a third terrace. There is enough furniture available for you to enjoy your stay. 
One balcony has a winding stairs to the ground floor. This way, you can go up and down outside the villa.

The villa also has a flagpole, where you can raise your own flag, or our Dutch flag.

Villa Lisdodde 3

Villa Lisdodde 3

This holiday house is suitable for max. 8 persons.

The garden is fenced, so your pet is welcome.

We rent this Villa Lisdodde 3 on behalf of Mirande and Jan de Jonge.

In the whole house you will find a linoleum floor.

Livingroom, with extra wood stove and adjacent modern kitchen are on the first floor.

Also 2 terraces  on each side of the living room can be reached via a sliding door.

Magnificent view.

On the ground floor are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and an utility room.

Villa Lisdodde 5

Villa Lisdodde 5, Sanbank 7.

This lovely holiday house we rent on behalf of Dirk and Anke Branbergen.

The whole garden is fenced, so your pet is welcome.

At the waterfront you find a huge terrace, fenced from the water. A gate gives access to the pier.

On the first floor you find the beautiful livingroom and adjacent modern kitchen.

In the whole house you find a low noice plastic PVC floor.

Also 2 terraces upstairs, each beside the living- room.

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 1

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 1, Skelpebank 12. 

On the waterfront.

We rent this holiday house on behalf of the owners, Paul en Linda Verhoef.

This holiday house has a fashionable interior and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Bed- and bathrooms on the groundfloor, livingroom and kitchen on the first floor.

2 terraces upstairs, one at the waterfront.

Who can imagine that you sit in your lazy chair on the balcony and that nearby, tall ships are sailing.

Never a dull moment. 

Splendid view on the water, the old mill and sheep on the dike. 

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 2

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 2, Skelpebank 22. 

On the waterfront.

We are renting out this holidayhouse on behalf of its owners, Marc and Ine Willems. 

This water holidayhouse is very modern and luxurious

Sleeping downstairs, living upstairs. 

Who doesn’t long to be sitting on their terrace while boats are sailing by

There is always something to see. 

A beautiful view of the water, the old windmill and the sheep on the dike.

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 4

Holidayhouse Zilverreiger 4, Skelpebank 30 

Suitable for max. 4 persons.

We are renting out this holidayhouse on behalf of its owner, Volker and Gabi Gierth.

This water holidayhouse on the waterfront is very luxurious and with care furnished.

On the ground floor: 2 roomy bedrooms and 2 luxurious bathrooms.

First floor:  a huge livingroom and fully equiped kitchen.

Sliding door towards the terrace.

beautiful view of the water, the old windmill and the sheep on the dike.

Who doesn’t long to be sitting on their terrace while boats are sailing by

There is always something to see.