Enjoy water, nature and luxury in Friesland!

2 types luxury holiday houses at the waterfront

Bungalow Karekiet

Bungalow Karekiet, Skelpebank 41, 8711JK Workum.

The bungalow, max. 5 persons, is located on a small-scale waterpark on the outskirts of Workum, directly at the water, on a large piece of land (750sqm), with direct access to boating-, fishing- and swimming water. The quality of the water is excellent.

The bungalow has his own landing stage (32m) in front of the house. 
Wellness: you can find it in the bungalow: 2 showers, 1 whirlpool and a infra-red Sauna with C.D. music, colour- and aroma therapy.

Because all rooms are located on the ground floor, this house accommodates wheelchairs or disabled guests very well.

Pets are welcome for free. 

The whole garden is fenched.

Villa Lisdodde 4

Villa Lisdodde 4, Sanbank 11, 8711JJ, Workum.

Along the waterfront you find a large deck.

Nice garden furniture to relax.

Livingroom and kitchen upstairs. also 2 teracces on each side of the livingroom.

Nice tiled floor in the whole house.

Large, fenched garden. Dogs welcome.

3 own parking places.