Enjoy water, nature and luxury in Friesland!

Villa Lisdodde 1

The ample living room on the first floor has a beautiful view of the water, the park and the IJsselmeer. 

On either side of the living room are large balconies with you can enter through sliding doors.

The two balconies allow you to enjoy the sun, regardless of the time of day. One balcony has a winding stairs to the ground floor. This way, you can go up and down outside the villa.

The villa also has a flagpole, where you can raise your own flag, or our Dutch flag.

Of course, we have ample garden furniture available for you to enjoy your stay.

Living room

The ample living room is tastefully decorated. The large amount of windows make the living room very light. The warm colours and mood lighting make you feel right at home.

Two large sofas ensure your comfort. The room also holds a large square coffee table with two drawers, a dressoir, an entertainment centre with TV, DVD and Radio/CD players. Dolby Surround Sound is available, just like internet: WIFI. Board games are in the dressoir.

Kitchen & Dining area

The large kitchen is adjacent to the living room. The kitchen is fitted with all the equipment you could wish for: dish washer, microwave-oven, large refrigerator, stove with 4 cookers, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, electric juicer, sandwich maker and a SENSEO coffee maker. There are enough cutlery and dishes for you to fill up the dish washer.

Directly by the kitchen you will find the dining area. It boasts nice chairs, and space for six to eight persons. There is even a children’s chair available, which you will find in the storage area on the ground floor.

A luxurious toilet is located on the first floor.


The villa boasts 3 bedrooms on the ground floor.

In all the 3 bedrooms are doubles beds. 

The master bedroom is adjacent to the master bathroom. The master bedroom also holds a large linen closet and a mirror.

The bedrooms are tastefully decorated with mood lighting and curtains and blinds. Night stands are also present. Upon arrival, the beds have been made for you.


The villa boasts two bathrooms

The family bathroom has a sink and shower.

The master bathroom has a double sink, toilet and bubble bath. (Whirlpool)

There is a separate toilet in the hallway.

Altogether there are 3 toilets in the house.


The villa stands on a large piece of land (750 sqm). The garden has a paved path to the entrance of the villa, and around the villa towards the water and terrace. The grass is decorated with borders. There is a beech hedge around the garden. Two parking spaces are available.

At the waterfront, there is a terrace with a lovely lounge set. The sun shines on this terrace until about three o’clock. Via the winding stairs, you can walk directly to one of the balconies on the first floor.


The villa has a large storage area. Here you can find a big freezer and a washing machine and dryer. There are also a children’s bed and a play-pen, and a life vest, suitable for children 10 to 15 kilos.